Chucky Invades a Fear Clinic in the Brand New Cult of Chucky Trailer

Chucky Doll

Chucky is back! Hallelujah! But what’s even better is this batshit crazy trailer that has come out today has sent me into a fanboy frenzy. After working on the movie Fear Clinic with Fiona Dourif. To see her in this trailer, in a Fear Clinic style asylum setting, trying to overcome her fear of the killer doll whilst a Good Guys doll is running rampage around the asylum. It’s just perfect! Cult of Chucky will be available Oct.3 on Blu Ray, DVD and Digital courtesy of Universal Studios.

Entertainment Weekly were the first to break the news about the Cult of Chucky trailer release. I was just about to catch a flight when Writer/Director Don Mancini replied to a message I sent querying the trailer release and the second he replied, I was on a plane and unable to post a damn thing. That is just unlucky!

Now i’m back down to earth I can finally shout from the rooftops that my favourite little killer doll is back!

Cult of Chucky

Posted Exclusively by Entertainment Weekly

The seventh movie in the Child’s Play series finds Curse of Chucky take place immediately where Curse of Chucky left off. An asylum where Fiona Dourif’s character Nica resides see’s patients of the asylum introduced to a Good Guy doll to help conquer their suspected delusion. What ensues is a string of grisly deaths and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn’t crazy after all.

Old cast members will be returning in Cult of Chucky including Alex Vincent who played Andy in the original Child’s Play movies and Jennifer Tilly who played Tiffany. Chucky’s long-ago bride who will do just about anything for the doll she loves. Brad Dourif returns once again as the voice of Chucky.


I cannot wait until October 3 and crossed fingers I can watch it before then. I can never get bored of seeing Chucky on the big screen. It just feels right!

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