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Chloe-Grace Moretz has been a variety of different films and television shows. From horror to comedy to drama, it seems like this seventeen-year-old starlet could take on any role. But exactly how did she get her start? In honour of the release of her latest summer drama, IF I STAY, we are going to look at how Chloe-Grace Moretz has gone from a small television star to one of the greatest teen movie stars of this generation.

Amityville Horror & the Guardian (2005)chloe grace moretz

After observing her brother’s acting techniques and going to several auditions, Moretz landed her first role as Violet on the U.S. drama, the Guardian. Although she only appeared in two episodes, it was this gig that helped her achieve her first feature film role in the horror remake of Amityville Horror the following year. Playing Ryan Reynolds’ youngest daughter, it was this horror flick that kicked off Moretz’s film career.

500 Days of Summer (2009)316CGMdos

After receiving several small roles in a variety of television shows, Moretz received her second feature film role in Marc Webb’s 500 Days of Summer. Playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s sassy younger sister, she tries to help him get over a bad relationship. Her relationship with her brother is so comical and memorable, people can’t help but love her in this offbeat romantic-comedy.

Kick Ass (2010)kick ass

Shortly after landing the role in 500 Days of Summer, Moretz received the role as Mindy/Hit-girl in the 2010 action flick, Kick-Ass. After observing a wannabe superhero attempt to fight crime, Mindy and her father (Nicolas Cage), are convinced that they can be superheroes, too, and do even better. However, when problems occur, Mindy/Hit-girl and her father must team up with other wannabe superheroes to destroy the villains in their city. The film was so successful that they made a sequel two years later making Moretz’s role as the crime-fighting teen with purple hair even more memorable. Moretz ended up winning several awards for the role, which brought her even more attention in the Hollywood world.

Carrie (2013)chloe-moretz-carrie-ew-mgm

A few years after her role in Kickass and its sequel, Moretz landed her first starring role as social outcast and telekinetic, Carrie. Based on the classic Stephen King horror story of the same name, this horror remake tells the tale of a girl who goes haywire when a school prank goes horribly wrong. Moretz’s creepy yet affective performance landed her with a film nomination for “Best Performance by a Younger Actor” award at the 2014 Saturn Awards.

If I Stay (2014) chloe g m

This summer, Moretz will be playing the role of Mia in the teen drama, If I Stay. Based on the novel by Gayle Forman, If I Stay tells the tale of a girl who has to choose between her music career and the love of her life. Then, when tragedy strikes her family, Mia faces even bigger problems that could ultimately affect her life forever.

To see Chloe- Grace Moretz on the big screen, make sure to check out IF I STAY coming to UK cinemas 29 August 2014

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