Chillingly Suspenseful. Flay Review

Flay review

Flay is a 2017 American supernatural horror film starring Violett Beane, Elle LaMont and A. Michael Baldwin.

Returning home after the mysterious death of her mother, an estranged daughter and recovering addict, inadvertently unleashes a centuries-old curse by acquiring a mysterious and alluring black chain that empowers Flay, a faceless killer who drags his victims to the netherworld and returns their dead bodies to the world seemingly unharmed…

Flay review

Flay instantly reminds me of a Japanese style horror, a faceless ghost mixed with Native American themes. This rather intricate crossover delivers a rather chilling, unique and strangely paced movie. Horror and art combine and whilst what it delivers isn’t something new by any means, it still hits home in the right places and is intriguing enough to hook your attention until it’s ultimate finale.

This flick is incredibly well shot and the use of effects and slow motion style camera-work for suspenseful elements has an eerie supernatural vibe to it. When it first started it felt forced to me as thou it was trying to be glaringly obvious I was being shown something suspenseful but as the film goes on it’s better adapted to what is happening on-screen and it pays off really well as the supernatural and real-world collide.

Flay review

Flay uses a subtle way of summoning the faceless ghost and the use of the elements come into play. As the Native Americans were one with their spiritual selves it makes sense that the faceless ghost is to apparate from that of an element belonging to the earth. Flay chose water for the faceless ghost to cross over into our world and it works rather well in each scene that the ghost appears to claim another victim.

A chillingly suspenseful flick Flay certainly isn’t anything new but it’s standing on a higher totem pole than many indie Horrors I’ve seen lately.

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