Chilling, Spooky and Nerve Wracking. Temple Review

Temple Horror Movie

Temple is a brand new horror movie from the writer of You’re Next, The Guest, and Blair Witch and from the executive producer of The Ring trilogy.

Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.

Directed by Michael Barrett Temple puts me straight into a cultural whirlwind of exploration. A very subtle opening hour is met with a devestating finale. Beautiful cinematography graces us with shots of Japanese night life and culture. The second we hit the woods I feel as thou i’ve been transported into the Japanese equivalent of the Blair Witch Project (minus all the crazy stick symbols).

Your usual group dynamic is displayed in Temple. You have the cute girl, the jock type boyfriend and the male best friend who is third wheeling around the entire movie. The best friend is played by Logan Huffman. Logan has a Jake Gyllenhaal resemblance to his character. His overall posture and deliverence echoes Jake’s character Lou Bloom from Nightcrawler. It was quite cool to see someone very similar in character being reflected into this far out Horror movie. So whilst the dynamic and overall plot isn’t anything new I still felt as thou the location and the cultural exploration was more in-depth and inquisitive than most Horrors i’ve seen.

When we reach the temple, all hell breaks loose. There’s a little twist here, a little twist there and the power of the temple is so subtly portrayed. Usually a Horror film would build up the haunted location with jump scares, all out craziness, bodies being stacked up like jenga blocks but not in Temple. Temple shies away from painting the Temple as it’s own horrific character. It’s harmlessness drawing you in with it’s ominous vibe. It’s just an historic landmark but the ‘thing’ protecting it is the distraction. That’s the danger, not the temple and I think that’s brilliant. I was so focused on the location that my attention was diverted away from what was around the temple. I love when a Horror film draws you into one particular focus and then left hooks you as you’re caught unaware.

Chilling, spooky and throughly nerve wracking Temple steps out of the box ever so slightly but then lands us with an ending typical of the genre. With more questions to be asked than answered. Nonetheless I enjoyed it and I’d happily watch it again!

Temple will be released on DVD September 4th. PRE ORDER HERE

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