Chasing Beaver will never be the same again

A movie to rival Sharknado, a movie to be drawn along side the best in B movie madness and from the producers behind We’re the Millers, Cabin Fever, American Pie and The Ring – Zombeaver.

A story about a colony of zombie beavers attacking a group of bikini-clad campers, sounds a little gnawing don’t you think? Hell no !

Beautiful women, graphic violence, out of control beavers. The fun and sexual references are a plenty in this teen aimed horror comedy.

Watch the video above to see the Zombeaver in full flight. The trailer has picked up thousands of views on Epic Pictures page but we’ve re-uploaded our own, to spread some beaver love. Enjoy !

Chasing Beaver will NEVER be the same again !


Zombeaver on Twitter –

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