Charlie Sheen returning to Two and a Half Men?

two and a half men

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres Ashton Kutcher may of just given a few hints towards Charlie’s highly anticipated return.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it,” Kutcher said. “I’m scared.”

DeGeneres asked if Charlie Sheen was coming back. Kutcher replied “If you’re working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there’s sirens, come save me.”

“So Charlie comes back,” DeGeneres concluded. 

Ashton remained silent..

If so this is great news for Two and a Half Men fans who have been going nuts seeing Ashton Kutcher replace the almighty Charlie with has resulted in the show suffering in the ratings. In a recent interview Charlie said he owed it to the fans to return.

Charlie and Ashton have am understandably rocky relationship, I’m sure if any bust ups have happened, they have happened behind closed doors. Expect lots of digs and jabs at his replacement and a suiting finale for the series to have Charlie Harper return once again to his rightful place on the set of Two and a Half Men.

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