An Interview with Chalet Lizette Brannan (One of Hollywoods youngest rising stars)

Chalet Lizette Brannan is Just a little over 7 years old, but yet at such a young age she has been selected to be in many films because of her acting ability. A large number of her fans have seen this and many directors and producers have commented on her acting. Now with major motion pictures and including known stars, she continues to climb and keep climbing. Making videos with Walt Disney World has been a dream for her and she just succeeded in doing just that. We caught up with Glenn, Chalet’s dad and Chalet herself to talk about this young rising star who has maturity far beyond her years.

BTTM – How did you start as an actress, what made you want to start acting?

Chalet – I actually started out as a model at age 6. I loved being in front
of the camera and was very good at it. I had taken acting lessons from
Micheal Wright of Shout He teaches all of the
dancers and singers at Walt Disney World. He suggested i go into
acting because he saw that i had the ability to change emotions
quickly. I then talked to my mom because she in the entertainment
manager at Disney. We put in a video audition for a movie with Jack
Skyylers Night Aboard The Salem. From there its been non stop and i
love doing this now. Making people smile and laugh and say’ wow what a
wonderful little girl’ is what i love to hear.

BTTM – What is it about the film industry that appeals to you at such a young age?

Chalet – I get to meet exciting and new people and travel to many places I
would not be able to. I love meeting stars and to watch the good ones and how there life is.
It makes me want to someday walk that red carpet and get a Oscar and I
have been told I can be the next “Sally Field” Oscar winner and all.

BTTM – Sunday Night Slaughters is going to be a very gory / scary horror series, doesn’t any of that bother you?

Chalet -No, it does not bother me because i have learned its all a act. Its
filmed in sections and once you act in one and then see it, it can
become scary. But when its just pieces and they film each different
part and all of the cameras and people are around you, its not so
scary. In fact, its fun!

BTTM – Starring alongside Al Pacino in “Saving Little Italy” in 2013, are you nervous?

Chalet – YES!  i have been around some stars already but if he does take the
part, then i will faint! No, just kidding but i know since I am so little and I do not have the
experience he does, i am sure i will be. But you have to put that
aside and do what you can.

BTTM- What do you aim to achieve from the future?

Chalet- I want to achieve the freedom to choose where my life goes. I know
i am little and i have a long life ahead of me, but i want to act. I
want to show people you CAN do things even if your small. I want
others to see if there is a will, there is a way. I want more then
anything to show that to people. You do not have to be rich or attend
all of these acting schools and spend enormous amounts of money to
make it. The desire and the will to be successful is ALL you need.

BTTM- What is your favorite film and actor/actress of all time and why?

Chalet- My favorites is funny movies like Shrek and Toy Story and of coarse
ALL the Disney Princess movies because i am one!.because you can get
away from the troubles around you ( not that i have any,,,ehehhe) but
its fun to make things that are not real come to life and have a life.
Take Mickey Mouse, he is not real but look at what he does and how
much he earns! Aurora, Ariel,Snow White, look at the life they lead. I
love seeing how you can be and if you only believe, you can be
anything you want to be.