CEO Sean Evans guest stars on Mark at the Movies

Sean Evans on Mark at the Movies

So Sean was contacted just over a week ago by the lovely producers in Hollywood, California for the Reelz Channel show Mark at the Movies, a show that talks all about the latest film releases and shows interviews and behind the scenes visits with all cast and crew of a certain production.

Naturally Sean said yes and a Skype call was set up to make it happen, the topic of the show was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy, so Sean hopped on Skype for his first ever TV appearance on an incredibly popular show.

Starring alongside Jeff Bridges, Megan Fox and Daniel Radcliffe who were also guest on the show that is quite a line up for Sean to be involved with !

After the show, Mark himself offered Sean a regular slot on the show so it looks as thou you may be seeing him more often on US television !

Check it out and let us know how you think he did !