CEO Sean Evans appears on BBC Three Documentary


Sean Evans made a small cameo apperance in BBC Three’s Tom Felton meets the Superfans. A documentary Directed by Felton who is better known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise.

Sean Evans on Tom Felton meets the Superfans

Sean Evans and Chris Stone at Comic Con


The documentary see’s Tom travelling to meet some of the world’s most committed and outlandish superfans, including a Harry Potter enthusiast and a lady who is a dedicated superfan of Tom himself and the work he does. He then travels to Birmingham MCM Comic Con to try out cosplay and to get into the mindset of what it means to embody the characters you know from the movies and TV shows you love.

Sean makes an apperance in normal attire at the Birmingham convention and then again dressed as The Flash.

You can watch the episode here.

Sean commented on the documentary with the following:

We got the pleasure of meeting Tom at the convention I had no idea we’d be featuring in his documentary until we saw it on the TV, it was a pleasure to be in his show and the documentary was very well presented and portrayed a postitive image to all things cosplay.