Central Intelligence Review

Kory Davis and Dwayne Johnson

The Rock to me is literally the definition of a superstar. The guy can wrestle, act, and even dance. The guy has been pumping off 2-3 films a year since his first introduction to the Fast and Furious franchise. I’ve had the pleasure of attending two premieres of his, Fast Five and the other the San Andreas premiere last year. There’s nothing the man can’t do and honestly he’s the nicest guy in show business. On a related note I’ve never seen a more entertaining person on Twitter. The dude likes his pancakes. Kevin Hart’s last few films such as Ride Along sequel and The Wedding Ringer were ok at best but he really can’t seem to find his footing outside of his same ole schtick. That schtick is great but it is wearing thin and with a generic and almost offensive plot, Central Intelligence is really having to count on The Rock.

There’s really no plot or substance in the film. In short it’s basically a CIA agent played by Dwayne Johnson who is under fire from the CIA and can’t rely on anyone to uncover the truth. Dwayne gets it in his head that maybe he should go back to High School to the one man who had his back. The only problem is that one guy is played by Kevin Hart and he doesn’t even remember who this guy is. 20 years earlier while giving a class president, athlete, basically the popular kid speech Dwayne is horribly embarrassed when a then 400 pound version of himself is exposed naked to the school and Hart steps into help. Now after trading fat for muscle Dwayne is compelled to team up with Hart to exposure the truth and clear his name.


I can’t even pretend to sit here and tell you how Dwayne Johnson literally not only carried the film but made it a flat out good time. For something that sounds and is quite generic it really delivers on Dwayne’s end. I’ve never seen him look so happy playing a character. He even seems to make the character himself in so many places in the film. The dude rocks a fanny pack and a bright blue and pink unicorn shirt for the first half of the film. It’s one of those films that’s filmed with so many one liners you don’t really care to figure out the plot.

While Dwayne made the film Hart does make a little impact too. Hart is the married, take life slow type of guy that sadly is nothing like he was in his heyday. I never thought Kevin Hart could be the voice of reason here but he does keep Dwayne from going completely looney toon. Kevin just seems to re use the same jokes over and over. The first half of the film is by far better than the second half. When the characters really get to reconnect and Kevin can’t tell if Dwayne is a part of the CIA or crossed it it provides some really funny moments especially when the CIA tries to get Hart to turn over Dwayne but Dwayne is not gonna let that happen. The movie is such a laugh riot that you believe just how far these two were both willing to go to get a good laugh but never went over the top.


Aaron Paul was oddly placed in the film but I’ll say if you’re a big fan of Breaking Bad then make sure you stuck around for the bloopers. If you like The Rock and I don’t think anyone has ever said oh yeah ehhhh he’s ok then you’ll like this a lot. If you like Kevin Hart he’s not terrible he’s just not as good as The Rock. While the film can be predictable, cheesy, and lacks on a better finale it’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen this year. I know Intelligence is in the title but shut your brain off and know the story isn’t anything new in fact it’s been done to death but you will laugh and laugh hard. This is one of those I’m even thinking a sequel could really be good. I’d highly suggest this one guys.

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Review by Kory Davis