Casuals Review

VOD_CASUALS cover artTaking their cues from a mixture of mod fashions and sportswear, a dress sense that became synonymous with the British soccer hooligans of the 1980s. We take a look at Casuals.

Created by Urban Edge Films  this documentary look at the styles and the attitude that under-pinned the 80s Casual. From Adidas and Fila to Fred Perry, Stone Island, Lacoste and Burberry, this film shows how the need to be seen in the right clothing was vital to the 80s Casual.

With various interviews with people who lived through the times when the casuals were the height of fashion and how even today the casual movement is still as strong as it ever was with designer clothing and outfits always commonly seen at football matches and on the streets even today.
Casuals is a true study of youth culture albeit one that goes on slightly longer than I’d like it too. The documentary piece runs for around 90 minutes which for me personally is an hour too long to be talking about clothes, there is only so much I can hear people talking about Adidas trainers and Fred Perry before I get a little bored, but for those who are more passionate about their clothes then this is a must have.
Casuals on platform
Brilliantly showcased with an air of retro class Casuals is kitted & fitted and dressed to impress!