Cardboard Home Cinema?

cardboard home cinema 2-1200-80

So if Google Cardboard isn’t floating your boat then this hilariously new cardboard invention takes it one step further. Your own portable home cinema, but wait, there’s a catch.. you have to lie down to watch your favorite movies!

A device guaranteed to make you look stupid where-ever you may be can now be brough on Firebox for a mere £24.99, yes that’s right, a cardboard box for £24.99, better start saving those Dominoes pizza boxes and build your own!

Your smartphone/tablet sits atop the box and plays your movie of choice

while you lay down beneath it. The height of the box is easily adjusted so that your eyes are a comfortable distance from the screen, and comes complete with an audience cardboard cutout so you feel less of a loner.

We think cardboard home cinema is hilarious and we’d love to try it, if it works then I’d be more than happy to lie on my back for a quick TV show, i’ll be damned if I’ll be doing that for a Lord of the Rings experience thou!