Bunny The Killer Thing Review

tumblr_nwwcnqZbjN1tahu57o1_1280Finnish Horror Comedy Bunny The Killer Thing follows a group of young adults who head to a remote cabin for a winter weekend. Their journey is short lived as they are soon confronted by a half man, half creature who is compelled to stick his dangerously large penis into anything that resembles female genitals.

Whilst this review shall be short and sweet (quite the opposite of our antagonists penis) I will say that this film does seem to be purposely trying to outline quite a few key areas common in Horror movies and for that it’s rather intelligent for a dildo wearing rabbit killer gore fest flick.

The topic of sex is always the core of any stereo-typical Horror movie and to have it pointed out so blatantly in a spoof style comedy makes me wonder if this film is so crude and flat out insane that it’s trying to make an example out of modern day Horror movies. Either that, or I’m looking into it way too much and the film-makers did genuinely want to make a movie about a cock wielding rabbit.


This goofy yet delightfully joyful movie would be slated by any toffee nosed film buff, but It’s an Easter Sunday and I’m well within my alcohol consumption limit to enjoy this movie without my brain engaging in any shape or form.

Unapologetic and with Hatchet style 80’s gore effects, Bunny The Killer Thing really is a universal comedy, bunny + a penis = funny, whether you can stand it’s almost 90 minute run-time however is another story entirely.

The schlong is long and the film is funny, I approve!