Building The DeLorean Issue #5

Issue 5

After putting the first wheel together in the quickest build of the subscription so far in Issue 3, it was now time to tackle the front-left suspension in Issue #5.

Consisting of all die cast metal parts minus a plastic brake cover it was yet another tricky build but way simpler than the Mr.Fusion build that had ruined my entire day. Once the main suspension support is put into place the only real trouble that I had was getting the spring locking mechanism to line up with a hole to fit a screw through. It involved quite a bit of pressure as you’re fighting with the spring’s tension but I got there in the end.

Front left suspension DeLorean

At the end of the suspension there is a brake disc, this magnetic piece clips into an upright position to have the wheel displayed at a normal angle or it can be lifted down to recreate the horizontal wheels of the flying Back to the Future II model. Quite a nice touch from the kit makers there.

The Magazine

Actor pieces on both Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover provide the backbone to Issue #5’s insight into the world of Back to the Future. In-depth character profiles on each artist and their previous work and the build up towards them getting the role of a life-time.

In addition to the character pieces we have a rather interesting ILM feature on the special effects used for the DeLorean time travel sequence; this piece also includes a print of one of the storyboards from production detailing every part of the time-travel shots.

Finally we end on a piece about the Flux Capicitor and it’s origins.

Another informative and interesting magazine which each and every single issue gets me more and more excited about the next one to come.

Fun-Fact: It was originally going to be called the TFC (The Temporal Field Capicitor before it went through many changes and component redesigns.

Stay tuned for our Issue 6 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE