Building The DeLorean Issue #23

Build Your Own Back to the Future DeLorean

Apologies for the lack of Back to the Future issue reviews lately, I’ve been on holiday and the second I got back into the UK I’ve had a whirlwind of things to do!

But here it is, Issue #23 of the Build your Own Back to the Future DeLorean and thankfully it’s an easy one.

In issue #23 we have various brackets, distributors and transmission cases to attach in addition to the dipstick.

Most of the pieces were nice and simple to add to our engine that is slowly coming together. It wasn’t until I had to attach the dipstick that the issues arose. The second I put the very thin plastic dipstick into place the whole thing snapped in half. I looked on in horror. I had to superglue the thinnest piece of plastic in the world together and then superglue it to the engine just so it held in place, somehow.

Build Your Own Back to the Future DeLorean

All of the other parts in this issue were absolutely fine but becareful of the dipstick. It’s fragile and as any man will tell you. You don’t want to go breaking your dipstick!

The magazine itself after the build instructions focuses on and up close, detailed article on the real DeLorean engine. Before the restoration of the screen used DeLorean when they opened the hood of the car, the engine was found to be almost completely original. DeLorean’s may be known as iconic garbage in the car world but after many trial and errors. The engine wasn’t all that bad, infact it was sturdy and reliable.

Plutonium is the back page story in Issue #23. Doc’s quest to use plutonium as the man power source for the DeLorean and his famous encounter with the Libyan nationalists.

You can take a look at me piecing together Issue #23 of the Build your own Back to the Future DeLorean below:

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