Building the DeLorean Issue #19

Issue 19 of the Build your own Back to the Future DeLorean from Eaglemoss lets up put together the engine top, water pump, hoses and distribution pipe. Once again another quick 10 minute build that is a welcome addition to what has been a stress-free build these last four issues.

Our production diary magazine feature is drawing to a close so i’m interested to see what features we have got to read through in the upcoming issues. We also have a piece of Doc’s house and the production location that was used for filming and instead of finishing on anything remotely related to peabody’s barn or Tales from Space like in many previous issues, we have a feature on the cherry red guitar used to play at the infamous Enchantment under the Sea dance.

Issue 20 will consist of some intake manifolds which once again look easy to build but I fear this is all building up to one very complicated issue somewhere down the line.

Stay tuned for our Issue 20 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE

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