Building the DeLorean Issue #15

Oh wheel issues, oh how I love thee.

A quick snap together and the issue was built in five minutes giving me enough time to flick through the magazines more extensive content.

Our production diary piece continues with re-shooting the clock-tower sequences with Michael J Fox and how make-up was applied to the cast to age them during their time-travel journey. The art of making the characters still look recognizable even under layers of make-up.

Overleaf we have the next feature that goes into detail about John DeLorean and the DMC-12 car. The magazine goes in-depth on the manufacturing plant and the creation of this Back to the Future time-traveling icon and character in it’s own right.

Stay tuned for our Issue 16 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE

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