Building the DeLorean Issue #12

Inside issue 12 you’ll receive everything you’ll need to add the left rear axle plus all the usual detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations. The only problem with the instructions of issue 12 is that they don’t outline what a pain in the arse this issue really is. Issue 12 is single handedly the most swear-worthy, tedious and annoying build of them all!

The magazine is great continuing with the production diary segment as the film now continues with Michael J Fox as the lead and we explore the inner workings of the real time machine. But once the magazines lovely content ends you are left with build instructions that make you want to set the whole issue on fire.

We have screws that don’t screw into the chassis properly, we have a screwdriver that no matter what screw you use always seems to be the wrong size and then we have instructions that clearly don’t show the right segments of the parts you need so you’re confused what goes in where and how. It’s so annoying but once this issue is out of the way piecing together one rear hub and suspension we have to do it all again in issue 14! Arghhh

Aside from terrible instructions and the frustrations of this build it’s still a rewarding experience once all the pieces are in place and the screws finally decide to hold themselves onto the chassis.

A build that took me 60 minutes had to be edited down to the video length below. I was so happy to finish it but certainly not looking forward to it all over again.

Stay tuned for our Issue 13 review and if you want to get started on your own Back to the Future DeLorean you can start your subscription right HERE