BTTM’s new partner – Announcement

Back to the Movies has partnered up with Indywood films to work together in 2013 with exclusives and publication marketing / advertising of their independent films. Indywood are currently working on perhaps one of the UK’s most talked ad_about independent crowd fundraisers “Invasion of the not quite dead”.  This horror flick is made solely from donations from the public who in return get perks for their donations, including credits in the film and chances to be on set and in the film itself.

Back to the Movies has been working with Indywood since day one and will be helping them in every shape and form in 2013, it will be a big year for both sites and the partnership is sure to enhance traffic, interest and support for one another. Ad is working his way up to 200,000 followers on Twitter alone and that audience is key in the cross marketing of our sites. Both sites are run by individuals who are chasing dreams, hopefully this partnership will show that with hard work, dedication and added teamwork, you really can achieve what ever you mind can conjure.

We look forward to working with Indywood in 2013 and we hope you guys enjoy the ride also.

Many Thanks

Sean Evans (CEO of Back to the Movies)

Check out Indywood right here –