Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

Bridget Quad UK

Bridget Jones is back and she is better than ever!

First of all let’s just get the elephant out of the room. Hugh Grant does not reprise his cocky rich role from the first 2 chapters, but 20 minutes into the film I found myself so excited to see so many returning faces that he wasn’t all that missed. Set in 2010, Bridget is still helping to report the news and has finally hit her ideal weight. Sadly though her and Mr. Darcy are no longer together and her birthday isn’t exactly something she wants to celebrate. Her friend drags her out to an epic festival with one goal in mind. To get Bridget to cut loose and enjoy the night. Enter Patrick Dempsey. Let’s just say it’s one magical night. One week later. Mr. Darcy returns and well it’s another magical night.


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Not quite as slutty as you might think right? With Hugh Grants missing and honestly being ok with not having to do the same song and dance again with his character it was surprisingly refreshing to see Patrick Dempsey. His character brings so much fun back into Bridget’s life and it makes for a wonderful addition. Colin Firth hasn’t lost his humour or his charm and when each man thinks he’s the father it provides for an hilarious heartfelt time.

Bridget continues to stumble and fall without much grace in her quest to figure out just what to do with this fickle pickle of a situation; and she really doesn’t get too much help from her friends and certainly not from a scene stealing Emma Thompson. Bridget battles a lost love and must ask herself can an old flame be re lit? She must also ask if this new flame will just be like a brief firework in her life. Whether there’s only 2 or they’re all together they always make for an hilarious and heartfelt time.

Even though the film is opening today in the US I’ve already seen it twice! The audience gave it a round of applause both times and you could really feel the back and forth everyone else was feeling when it came down to the big reveal as to whom the father was. At the end of the day Bridget Jones doesn’t break new ground and she doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but she does however make us smile.   If you’re a fan of the first two and of the the novels, don’t think for one second this is Renee simply just returning to return. No-no. The entire cast with the exception of Grant returns so joyously it’s a guaranteed good time that will leave you feeling a little bit better than whatever you were feeling walking in.

Review by Kory Davis