Black Sea Review

5769_4290Kevin Macdonald has crafted a wonderfully atmospheric movie as Black Sea fully immerses you into it’s storyline. Home Entertainment release on the 13h April

Jude Law plays a recently redundant skipper who agrees to pilot a Soviet submarine into hostile waters in search of a Nazi U-boat crammed full with treasure. With his team of misfits consisting of Brits and Russians at one another’s throats every five seconds. The crew are all agreed to split the treasure if such bounty is discovered, but does the term ‘Equal shares’ mean more in the eyes of some than others? Would you kill your fellow man for fools gold? This is the main premise for the wonderful Black Sea.


Black Sea minus Jude Law’s strange Aberdeen accent is a wonderful treasure hunt adventure and an impressively addictive platform of film. As the men struggle with greed in this financially tough time the rollercoaster of emotions begin as you are swept through along the journey with the cast.

A film that portrays the effects that money on us and how far one will go for financial gain, a very strong message that this movie projects to it’s audience.


A gripping claustrophobic adventure that cosumes you within the depths of the sea, confines you to the walls of the submarine without blinking and captivates you every step of the way.