BITE Review


Indie horror Bite claimed that sick bags were handed out at the premiere of the film as it was claimed to be incredibly gory. Once the credits rolled at the end of the movie I was still waiting for a hiccup of bile or sick in my mouth, but nope. Nothing.

In quite a tame display of goryness Bite is a master of practical FX but falls short of everything in the story and script department.

The story revolves around Casey, young woman on vacation with her friends who is bitten by an unseen creature who upon travelling home becomes sick and starts an insect-like transformation leaving death and devastation in her path.


The script doesn’t focus on any development as such but more on the physical changes that Casey is under-going which is fine in terms of a visual aspect but everything else just falls flat. I do love the fact that when Casey goes through her transformation and her apartment becomes a webbed, slimey egg infested habitat and the corridor that leads to her apartment is as normal as normal can be. This contrast between plain and weird, good and evil, dark and light really gives the film a nice sense of belonging. Friends and loved-ones of Casey walk down this inconspicuous corridor to check up on her not knowing what is going behind the number 23 apartment door.

Overall it’s a fun, mildly gross movie that really should have stepped it up a bit in terms of the gore-factor for the more seasoned and now acclimatized horror fans.