Big Fan Review

Big Fan - Patton Oswalt This is an absolutely scathing black comedy about a delusional man never understanding the boundaries of personal space. It’s deeply funny in a psychotic fashion, Patton Oswalt is tremendous in the lead role, and the writing and directing are sharp as a tack from Robert D. Siegel, who had previously written the brilliant script for Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece The Wrestler. bigfan-1

This film is more modestly scaled, but it’s no less effective. You just know that there are people out there just like Oswalt’s character, and it’s the way he actually makes you feel bad for him — at times — that separates this movie from the pack. The final moments are surprising and hilarious and scary and totally creative. It’s a small gem, a movie that sort of came and went, but deserves to find a cult audience. The film was justly nominated for the John Cassavetes award for best film made under $500K at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. The currently exiled from Hollywood Josh Trank served as the editor. Kevin Corrigan and Michael Rapaport are both terrific in supporting roles. The film is available for purchase on DVD and as a streaming item on a variety of platforms.

Written by Nick Clement