Beyond Review

KAL8405_Beyond_2D_DVD_png_290x290_q92Keep your eyes to the skies. Don’t go out at night. And, whatever you do, don’t fall in love…

Beyond is a British science-fiction shock-fest which sees alien-invasion survivors Cole (Richard J. Danum) and Maya (Gillian MacGregor) embarking on a journey to salvage a life for themselves in a ruined UK. But all the while, a giant spaceship looms over the earth, abducting anyone foolish enough to go out after hours.

With the trailer hitting over a million views, anticipation for this low-budget / high-ambition British science-fiction thriller is high.

The movie itself is suspenseful and intense but borderlines being slightly rubbish. Both Cole and Maya’s relationship and acting skills are awkward from start to finish, there are weird silences, awkward pauses and how on earth these characters are meant to develop throughtout the movie are beyond me, they cannot even speak to each other with any fluidity or sustainability.

Other than the acting, the soundtrack however is superb, some great artists on board and the music nicely encapsulates the atmosphere surrounding the circumstances the characters are in, other than that I really cannot find any other positives.
Hats off to them for trying but how on earth the trailer managed to rack up two million views is ‘Beyond’ me.

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