Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Review

Beverly Hills Cop

From titans of action cinema Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer (no credits in parentheses are needed for any of these icons). I had the opportunity to study the perfect screenplay by Daniel Petrie Jr. page by page, and then watch the film frame by frame in college, and it should never be forgotten just how well crafted this timeless piece of entertainment truly is, and how Brest was a master of character driven plotting and tone no matter the genre.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy was comic gold here, delivering his signature performance, with an outstanding supporting cast matching him every step of the way. The great Burt Surtees served as cinematographer, while legendary editors Arthur Coburn and Billy Weber did an amazing job with the film’s pace and tonal shifts. Shot for $15 million and grossing $315 million worldwide back in 1984, this is one of the pinnacles of its genre, and one of my favorite films of all-time. Harold Faltermeyer POWER.

Review by Nick Clement

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