Before Dawn (Overview,Gallery,Trailer)

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Before Dawn an independent zombie horror is due for release on DVD on the 25th of February. Back to the Movies takes a look at the film and what viewers can expect from this upcoming feature.

An estranged couple’s vacation to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack from the walking dead.
Filmed in the UK, located at a cottage in the hills of the English dales, what starts off as a struggling married couple who escape to the countryside to get away from the “norm” suddenly turns into a gruesome nightmare. Before Dawn stars Dominic Brunt who we all know and love for playing Paddy the vet in Emmerdale. Dominic stars alongside Joanne Mitchell who plays his on wife on screen and off screen, Dominic and Joanne were married almost 10 years ago in April 2003.
The film came about from an argument between husband and wife, Dominic and Joanne over what would make a good zombie movie, and what makes a bad zombie film. From there idea’s bounced back and forward and this created the core characters, storyline, setting and plot for the movie.

Before Dawn OFFICIAL trailer

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