Batman Vs Superman – Who are You Rooting For?

Batman V Superman

One of the biggest films of 2016 is undoubtedly going to be Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman, which is due for release on March 24th in the UK. The big budget superhero movie takes two of DC’s biggest and most loved characters and pits them against each other, in what is arguably the biggest movie venture for DC comics as of yet.

A survey conducted by Casino Bonus Tips, asked film fans who they thought was most likely to win in a fight, The Man of Steel or The Dark Knight. A variety of different age ranges were surveyed, with 42.5% of people aged between 18-24 claiming that Batman would win, with just 35.5% saying Superman would come out on top and a further 22.1% saying that it would be a draw between the two comic giants. Compare this to 52% of people aged 24-35 claiming Superman would win in a fight, so why is there such a difference in opinion?

Pretty much everyone over the age of 25 that participated in the survey claimed that Superman would win hands down, which makes sense when you look back over Batman and Superman’s history in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Batman, despite his good intentions, money and physical fitness, was always just a mortal man compared to Superman. In the comics, and early film appearances, Superman’s alien abilities were always far superior and it’s this source material that the ages 25+ grew up with, which could have a possible influence on their decision.

It wasn’t until the late 80’s, that Batman finally donned a suit that allowed him to be an equal match for The Man of Steel. It is this comic that the new Dawn of Justice film is loosely based on, meaning that there is a good chance that Batman will put up a worthy fight.


Within the last 10+ years, Batman has collected various impressive tech to help him keep up with his fellow Justice League allies and help him take that step up from vigilante to all out superhero. There has also been a huge increase since the late 80’s in Batman vs Superman comic storylines, that have seen Batman take down Superman using weapons such as a kryptonite ring and enhanced, armoured batsuit. Compared to the earlier stories where the two would work side by side with the occasional disagreement, Batman has proven that he can be an equal match.

One thing is clear from watching the various trailers, Batman vs Superman will be an epic head to head and both will have their time to shine. With Batman’s increasing tech and Superman’s superhuman abilities, the two are set to put up an impressive fight and there’s a good chance that neither will come out victorious, but instead join together to ultimately save the world.