Bangkok Assassins Review

Kidnapped from their families and forced to become beggars on the harsh streets of Bangkok, four youths find refuge in a skillful Shaolin Master who teaches them the art of his craft. Learning the ancient secrets, they quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

Bangkok_AssassinsWhen tragedy hits the clan as their beloved master is savagely murdered, they will discover that together they are invincible as they unite and fight for justice to stop the man responsible for the death. Vengeance is the path they must follow and nothing had better get in their way!


An onslaught of breath-taking stunts and high octane thrills, it’s safe to say that ‘Bangkok Assassins’ does not hold back on delivering the ultimate kung fu adrenaline rush! The astonishing action sequences, exhilarating martial arts choreography, and extremely talented cast of Asian newcomers make ‘Bangkok Assassins’ an absolute must-see.

This film blows me away, I’m such a huge fan of films that turn the action all the way up to 11, but this film goes to 12 ! The martial arts are superb, the far fetched fight scenes and the almost god like way in which each combat scene is portrayed. Moves that paralyze a human with the slightest of ease, moves that throw an opponent miles into the air without so much as even touching them, an almost mythic martial art that turns its prodigies into immortals.

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The film has such a high tempo that the moment the film calms down somewhat it feels almost boring as the film reaches its half way point, as you’re eagerly anticipating the next kick ass show of intense martial arts. If you’re a patient person then its worth the wait as the storyline really dulls out for quite a period until heating back up again for its last quarter.

The film is beautifully shot and showcases a superb display of talent. The acting is somewhat to be desired, the script is very soft in terms of its depth and exploration, but all of that is irrelevant to me as the beat down commences. A film that no martial arts fan would be disappointed with.

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