BAFTAS 2018 Experience Review

For the last two years I have had the honour of being invited to the BAFTA awards down in London. This year however, there was a special surprise. We would actually be going inside the Royal Albert Hall to watch the ceremony for the first time! This was music to my ears, I’ve always wanted to check out a show at The Royal Albert Hall and not only would we be walking the red carpet but finally going inside to see the ceremony!

BAFTAS 2018 review

This year had a more intense aura of class about it considering we were going to be allowed inside. With that said, I thought I would step up the experience. Myself and a friend booked our train tickets and upon arrival at London Euston station were greeted with a Rolls Royce Ghost. This car was absolutely beautiful, immaculate and everywhere we turned in London people were snapping photos of us. I cannot thank VIP Chauffeur Car Hire for the Rolls. The process of booking the car was so effortless and it really kicked the day off with a bang. This was only the beginning! You can see my full in-depth review of the Rolls Royce experience by clicking HERE.

BAFTAS 2018 review

After last year’s incredible experience at the Jumeriah Carlton Tower hotel there was no hesitation as to where I would be staying. They treat every guest like royalty and their service and hospitality is second to none. Based in Knightsbridge and a stones throw around from Harrods, Harvey Nichols and of course The Royal Albert Hall, it made sense to stay here once again. Rather than the incredible Spa Suite from last years trip I thought I’d upgrade to an Executive Suite this time around. You can see my full in-depth review of the Executive Suite HERE.

BAFTAS 2018 review

Time absolutely flew by in the suite and before I knew it I had to hop into my tux and make my way to the red carpet. Every year I feel so grateful and honoured to even be allowed to step on the red carpet if even for a second. I always try to make the most of every moment I’m there as I never know when it could be my last time. Last years only disappointment was where our blogger pen was located. Our view was heavily obstructed by the giant Albert statue. This year however, we right at the bottom of the main steps to The Royal Albert Hall. Already this was a major upgrade from last year and we could see absolutely everyone coming past throughout the night.

I always find that every year you get to see people’s true colours on the red carpet. You see certain celebrities who walk past every fan without so much as a wave or a wink and you get others who spend some serious time signing photos and taking pictures with everyone. Some guests at this years ceremony really surprised me, certain people who you’d think would just walk on by were stopping and taking photos for what seemed like a decade. I’m not the type of person to get starstruck anymore but I must be honest. When Angelina Jolie walked down the carpet I was taken aback by the fact that she was there, she was real and she was absolutely lovely! I had another star struck moment much later in the evening also when Daniel Craig came on stage to present an award. Trying to keep calm my inner child was screaming “IT’S JAMES BOND!”

BAFTAS 2018 review

As majestic as it is beautiful the interior of The Royal Albert Hall was a sight to behold. I took my seat in the upper circle and had an incredible view of the stage. An opening act from Cique Du Soleil solidified just how good our seats were. As two acrobats went soaring towards the roof of the Royal Albert Hall and there I was eye-level with two people risking their lives for the sake of their art and entertainment. Their interpretation of The Shape of Water was intense, raw and incredibly beautiful to behold.

BAFTAS 2018 review

Joanna Lumley was this years BAFTA presenter and what a fine job she did. Nothing forced, the ceremony had a natural flow as she made it her own. There was no competition of trying to compete with Stephen Fry from the years before. It was standalone and wonderful in it’s own right. When standing on the red carpet before the ceremony there was no doubt in anyones mind that Gary Oldman would be coming home with the Best Actor BAFTA award. Many other nominations were rather unpredictable, especially Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I didn’t think for one second this film would pick-up as many awards as it did. That’s not to say the film isn’t good (it is) I just didn’t feel as thou it was a film that usually fits into the usual style of BAFTA / Oscar nominated films.

I was incredibly happy to see Daniel Kaluuya win the EE Rising Star Award. Get Out is an incredible Horror movie and with Daniel’s most recent success in Black Panther he seemed like the clear winner the second his name was announced in the nominations. I was also over the moon that Coco picked up the best animated film. It’s easily one of the best Pixar films i’ve watched in many, many years.

If you’d like to take a look at all of the winners on the night then CLICK HERE.

Once the ceremony had finished the night wasn’t over. I hopped into a car and went to The Shard with a friend of mine. We soared up to the 52nd floor and had beautiful evening at GŎNG. The highest bar in Europe with breathtaking views of London as we sat down, sipped fancy champagne and just basked in what was an absolutely incredible night. A friend of mine called later that evening and at midnight he had arranged a wonderful Mercedes S Class to take myself and my friend back to the hotel. This just capped off the night. The BAFTAS is always such a special night to me but with the Rolls, the hotel, the bar and the luxurious ride home I can’t think of a better night I’ve had in London.

BAFTAS 2018 review

Upon arriving back at the hotel we rang room service at 2am, feasted like kings until the early hours of the morning and I was sat in the bath drinking complimentary cider until sunrise. What a fantastic night!

Thank you to EE, BAFTA and PR company M&C Saatchi for inviting me down once again to the highlight of my calendar year.

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