Backpack to start filming this Spring

Scaenea Pictures have today announced that a feature film entitled Backpack is to start filming in the UK this spring, directed by Mike Clarke.

Clarke has been hailed by many movie critics around the world as a great up-and-coming talent from the UK, much in thanks to his short films. A Hand to Play, which starred Doug Bradley (Hellraiser’s Pinhead) and Phil Gwilliam was received extremely well. That was followed up by Paper and Plastic starring Anthony Quinlan (Emmerdale) and Carole Bardsley.

The plot of Backpack is being kept quiet, but what we do know is that it will be filmed in Merseyside, Yorkshire and the Lake District and tells the story of a man trying to overcome adversity and gain independence, whilst escaping the nightmare that has become his home life.


Ian Butlin, a producer on Backpack, has insisted that some news regarding some of the main roles will be announced shortly, but he did confirm that Nick Vince (Clive Barker’s Night Breed) will play a significant role in a genre we have yet to see him perform in. Phil Gwilliam, Carole Bardsley and Anthony Quinlan will reunite with director Mike Clarke too.

Other actors attached to the film include Nathan Head, Rachael Skerrit, Steve McTigue, Rob Sinclair and Jane Bancroft.

More news on Backpack as soon as we have it.