Back to the Movies proud to be a part of Night Terrors Project

Back to the Movies is proud to be partnered with currently viral Augmented Reality game Night Terrors.

Night Terrors is an app that turns your home or environment into an interactive horror video game. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a horror movie, then this game let’s you be the star of your own movie, battle your way through ghosts and demons as they make their way through your house.

Night Terrors uses your smartphone camera to map out your surroundings so that photorealistic ghouls really seem to appear from around a corner as you walk around with your iPhone in front of you. The game also turns inanimate objects into ultra realistic scares and mind boggling events that just cannot be explained.

For as little as $5 you can be one of the first people in the world to play the app and If you want to be even more terrified, pledge $25 and the game’s voice actors will record your name so the demons can taunt you personally.

There are many other tailored perks that you can be a part of that get better and better the more you contribute including a trip to Vegas to be dressed in make-up and to feature in our game for millions to see.

After launching on Indiegogo just over 24 hours ago the campaign is currently on 18% funded with 39 days remaining, the campaign has been picked up by such websites as Engadget, MTV and CNET.

Sean Evans CEO of Back to the Movies commented on the release of the app:

“We have a vast experience working with Horror movies and this project seemed like the perfect opportunity to link the product to it’s intended market. We’re very excited to see where this goes. The only limit is our imagination.”