Back to the Movies needs YOU for LA promo


All donations of £1 or higher will be entered into a competition to win an axe used by Brendan Fraser in The Mummy Returns, complete with a COA !


Back to the Movies have set up a Go Fund me page to get our brand promoted in LA this October at a prestigious event in Hollywood. Our fans have been flooding the site with views so its time to step up and make Back to the Movies even bigger. Its time to hit Los Angeles, but we need YOUR help to get there.

Where does my Money go ?

Running a website with high traffic involves pricey hosting costs, in addition to hosting costs, there are domain name costs and then finance needed to expand the website to a wider audience (Marketing / Advertising).

If we can hit £800 by the end of September 2014 we will be able to promote our site at a huge event taking place in Hollywood in October and we have also been invited onto a TV show to promote our page. It would expand our reach and boost our presence we just need the money to travel, to get the word out and to turn Back to the Movies into a much larger brand.


You can take a look at our campaign here –

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