Back to the Movies meets a Storage Hunter !


Jesse McClure one of the faces off American TV series Storage Hunters was in Stoke on Trent for a 6 Towns Radio fundraiser and after much alcohol and conversation we had our own little interview with him that was totally unscripted.

Jesse revealed that since coming to Stoke on Trent he had been taken to both a Stoke City game and a tour of Port Vale FC and mentioned that even thou he has a soft spot for Stoke City its safe to say he likes both teams. A nice comment to say to make both groups of fans happy, even thou he did add that Port Vale needed the money more to finish working on the rest of the stadiums missing seats. Well said Jesse !

Stoke lost 1-0 to Tottenham on the day Jesse was in attendance, with me being a

Me and Jesse hanging out

Me and Jesse hanging out

Manchester United supporter I happily added that he never actually saw a proper football game, more like a rugby game with a mid table pub team kicking the ball around. He didn’t comment but we did compare Stoke’s style of play to an NFL team.

“I wish they scored more goals but I got a great tour of the Britannia, I got to go on the pitch and meet Mark Hughes after the game they even got me a custom made jersey that isn’t even available to the public yet!

After this he expressed that he had just tried his first Oatcake, a Staffordshire delicacy and he said it has quickly become one of the nicest meals he had eaten since he has been here, in true American fashion he said the oatcake was “Awesome!”

A few drinks later some Storage Hunter truths came out but we can’t disclose them on here now can we, we’re a movie site not a Storage Hunter Q&A page !

Once the fundraiser had finished, Jesse arrived to an after part in Kit’s car from Knightrider ! What an entrance ! Party on Jesse !

A truely down to earth guy who was happily going around the room and taking pictures with everyone and engaging in long conversation with each and every person who approached him.

You can come back to Stoke on Trent ANYTIME Jesse !

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