Back to the Movies at the BAFTA’S

Royal Opera House BAFTA'S 2016

So this year EE invited me down to the BAFTA’s red carpet for an experience like never before, the UK’s most glamorous of film festivities as the Hollywood glitterati walk the stretch of glamorous carpet and enter the Royal Opera House for the prestigious awards ceremony.

In a heartbeat my tuxedo was packed, my bag was ready, my hotel was booked and it was time to go to London!

I had booked the beautiful ME London hotel after hearing such rave reviews and the moment the taxi pulled up outside I knew I had made a wonderful choice, a beautifully modern building with an interior that would give the Zoolander film sets a run for their money. So fashion orientated with futuristic architecture worked around the luxurious surroundings, I walked in and instantly felt as thou I’d won the lottery, I checked in to reception and was greeted with a glass of Prosecco as I took a seat on a very fashionable white couch and finally calmed down after my initial excitement.

ME london

I’m handed my key card and I enter the lift, I keep my keycard in the lift to activate it when suddenly the doors slam shut and the lift flies up to the 8th floor, baring in mind my floor was the 2nd floor I was fearing for my life as the lift hit the top floor, jolted and almost bounced like it was on a bungee cord, the next minute it hurtles back down to the ground floor the doors fly open, I dive out, sweating, shaking and wondering what on earth just happened!

Note to all ME London attendees; don’t leave your keycard in the slot! I re-entered the lift, removed the card, chose my floor and away we went, I wanted to get to the BAFTA’s alive, so this wasn’t the best of starts to calm the nerves I had already!

ME London Hotel Aura Room

I got to my room, opened the door and just stood there in the hallway for some time, taking in my surroundings, a guy from Stoke in a swanky place like this, it doesn’t happen everyday does it? As long as my toilet has a lid I’m usually happy but never the less all my worry’s quickly vanished, I popped an episode of Friends on and settled down until it was time to go.

A beautiful hotel, amazing facilities and a room that would impress the most prestigious of guests, the ME Hotel was superb, with amazing and friendly staff that made me feel at ease after their lifts nearly chewed me up and spit me out whole.

Sean Evans - Red Carpet - BAFTA'S 2016


I was ready to go, dressed up, it was BAFTA’s time. I met everyone from EE at the Strand Palace Hotel and we head up to the red carpet. Fans who have all come to see their big named celebs all lined the street either side of us, and there was me walking up the middle, directly to the front, taking it all in, I was in my element.

We finally reach the main doors of the Opera House and one quick selfie later, we take our position in the bloggers pen, a specially dedicated section of the carpet just for us, right next to the photographers who were almost stacked ontop of one another waiting to get that perfect celebrity money shot.

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The guests arrived one by one and I soon realised what an amazing position we were standing in, guests were literally shoulder to shoulder with us, Sasha Baron Cohen high fiving everyone one by one, Bryan Cranston talking to us about the freezing, almost baltic British weather we were having that night and Noel Clarke having a laugh and a joke with some of the guys standing next to us, it was such a surreal night with a whole host of Hollywood elite descending onto the carpet, I was only there to see one person and one person only and that was Leonardo Dicaprio, I have been saying for weeks that this BAFTA was his to win and I wanted to be right here in London to witness his last stepping stone towards winning his first ever Oscar.

Leonardo Di'Caprio BAFTA'S 2016

A group of A listers were all lined up to get their photo taken when Leo comes up behind them with four guards who escort him directly to the front and into the Opera House, this surprised me as the people who were queuing weren’t exactly B listers or unknown talent, there were some pretty big names amongst the group waiting in line, after this silver spoon treatment that somewhat made me laugh, the red carpet was over and it was onto Soho House to watch the ceremony in a private screening room.

We arrive at Soho house and my oh my was it posh, we had a buffet of every aristocratic food you can think of and an open bar stacked to the rafters with alcohol, it was only fair I should take full advantage of this privilege and once I was fully stocked up, we took our seats in the private screening room to watch the ceremony.

Soho House screening room

I nearly leapt up outta my seat and knocked my champagne over when Leo was announced as best actor, could it finally be his year? The bookies now surely think so.

I just want to say a big thanks to EE for giving me this somewhat VIP treatment to the BAFTA’s it was a wonderful night that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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