Back and more twisted than ever ! Wolf Creek 2


On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 15th Sept. 2014

The deadliest killer of the outback has returned and he’s more sadistic, more twisted and more violent than ever before. From the director of Australia’s most terrifying horror film, “Wolf Creek” comes this brand new sequel that’ll grip you by the throat and have you screaming in fear.

Key talent:WolfCreek2_John_Jarratt_as_Mick_Taylor__in_the_lair_tunnels_1

Greg Mclean, Director (Wolf Creek; Rogue)

John Jarratt, (Wolf Creek; Django Unchained)

Ryan Corr, (Where The Wild Things Are)


Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) is back on the hunt and it’s not wild pigs or crocs that he’s after. Out for the kill, this outback psychopath continues to add to his staggering body count as he mutilates, dismembers and tortures anyone and everyone he lays his eyes upon. When two young backpackers venture into the wilderness, they soon find themselves face to face with evil, begging for their lives and bringing a wake of death and gory destruction with them as they attempt to flee. Armed with his trusty knife, sniper rifle and unquenchable thirst for murder, Mick butchers and crashes his way through the wasteland, loving every bloody moment of the violent carnage.

We like it because:

The original “Wolf Creek” still gives us nightmares and “Wolf Creek 2” manages to crank up the terror to a whole new level. This frantic slasher will leave you stunned with terror as the kills come thick and fast with plenty of shocking and gruesome set pieces.

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