Bachelor Games Review


The best man usually has a few tricks up his sleeve for the bachelor party, but the groom has a deadly one of his own in horror-comedy Bachelor Games.

When five friends embark on a bachelor weekend in Argentina, everyone expects the usual hedonistic business.  They do not expect to find themselves stranded, wounded, and hunted through the Andes. But that’s just what happens when an elaborate scheme for revenge goes horribly awry.

Bachelor Games stars Charlie Bewley (Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Nashville, forthcoming The Lake with J.K. Simmons), Jack Gordon (Fishtank, Northern Soul with Steve Coogan) and Jack Doolan (Ricky Gervais’ Cemetery Junction, Cockney’s Vs. Zombies).


A wonderfully shot film set in the Andes (not the best location for a stag night it has to be said) that oozes a true sense of isolation, isolated from the world, isolated from civilisation and in some ways isolated from one-another as information is slowly drip fed to us in slow revelation.The film portrays the groups relationship exceedingly well, with their British style ‘Inbetweeners’ comedy (and I use the word comedy lightly) but at the same time addresses all the serious and complex issues that friends face as they grow up and personal demons that people deal with throughout their lives.  This topic is handled maturely even if the plot of the movie is about as thin as a Skyn condom.

Jump scares and tense build up moments come into a factor of their own as the film progresses, what started as a rather light-hearted British frat boy style Stag do quickly turns into a Survival-Horror where the movie finally finds on it’s slightly wobbly feet after quite a slow paced first act.


Bachelor Games gets by on visuals and group camaraderie (well at least at the start) with a dash of tension, a hint of horror and a flurry of gripping moments. It’s a Sunday funday movie but it’s by no means a terrible flick, it just seemed to lack depth and a very ebrupt ending confirmed this.  I just couldn’t get into the movie or had one ounce of care about the characters I was watching on screen, but the visuals are incredibly stunning and the supernatural being the movie was centered around, if explored in slightly more depth could of made for some compelling viewing.

Bachelor Games will be available on all good digital platforms worldwide from 8th July.