Awesome Movie Scenes That Feature Cigars

Clint Eastwood smoking a cigar

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Awesome Movie Cigar Scenes

In the golden age of Hollywood, it was rare to watch a movie or a television show where the main characters weren’t smoking, or the heroes didn’t pause to light up cigars.

We now live in an increasingly politically correct environment, where it’s extremely rare to see main characters in films lighting up a stogie. So naturally, we feel a warm nostalgic buzz when we look back or turn on the TV late at night and see some of our favourite characters smoking cigars, whilst looking the epitome of cool.

Associated with sophistication, power and celebration- cigars in the movie industry are truly beloved. Cigar culture has dominated the scenes of movies for decades, adding that little bit of drama or elation to any film that includes them.

Here’s a list of movies you need to add to your must-watch list, all the films below are best enjoyed with your own cigar in hand, accompanied with a stiff drink.


Good Bad and the Ugly

What iconic movie list is complete without ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’? Starring Hollywood genius Clint Eastwood, this western movie often sees Clint’s character lighting up a cigar. One scene depicts him sharing a cigar with a dying soldier.


Scarface Image

This 1983 film cemented Pacino as a bona fide film superstar, with his portrayal of a Cuban refugee that rose through the Miami underworld whilst puffing on fine Cuban cigars. The ending might not have been what the Cuban kingpin envisaged, but we sure enjoyed the journey.


predator movie

If you haven’t watched this already- where have you been? ‘Predator’ is a classic starring the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, a self-proclaimed cigar-lover. The film follows a Special Forces team, led by Arnold’s character, who has been sent to a Central America jungle to save hostages. Things don’t go to plan, and the team are hunted by an advanced alien species. Before all the drama unfolds, Arnold is seen enjoying a cigar before departing from the military helicopter.


will smith smoking a cigar

Starring the dynamic duo Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, ‘Independence Day’ has one of the most iconic cigar scenes in cinematic history. Towards the end of the movie, while they are inside the alien mother ship on a mission to save the world, Will Smith’s character (Steve Hiller) hands David (Jeff Goldblum) a cigar stating, “This is our victory dance… Not until the fat lady sings. This is important.” We feel everyone should have a cigar motto to live by!


Black Hawk Down Cigar

Directed by Ridley Scott, the film features one of the most renowned lines regarding cigars in movie history. Mr Atto is smoking a cigar, the U.S. Troops then come to pick him up to have a meeting with General Garrison. His offer to give the General a Cuban cigar is turned down when Garrison says, “No, thanks. I got one.” The reply is truly spectacular! Mr Atto replies, “Miami, my friend, is not Cuba.”


Pierce brosnan smoking a cigar

The last film to star iconic Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, ‘Die Another Day’ features a scene where Bond visits a Cuban cigar factory to find a sleeper agent who has been stationed there. Arriving at the factory, he asks for “Delectados”, which at the time of the film was not a type of cigar but in fact a code word for the sleeper agent. Shortly after the film was released, many cigar companies began to produce Delectado cigars.

HELLBOY (2004)

Ron Pearlman Cigar

Partly based on the graphic novel of the same name, ‘Hellboy’ is about a demon who the Nazis summoned but he is raised to be a defender of good, after being saved by the Allies. Hellboy is often seen with a short, stout cigar- if you don’t get distracted by the storyline, count how many times you see a cigar and let us know how many times you see one!


Hugh jackman smoking a cigar

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character became as well known for his cigar smoking habits as his retractable titanium claws. Wolverine has a love of the Cohiba cigar and as this was a film aimed at kids the studio received quite a bit of backlash from anti-smoking groups. This doesn’t deter Hugh though; his Wolverine character was seen lighting up in the sequels that have since been released. Popular Marvel movie, ‘The Wolverine’, features a scene where Hugh is standing upon a construction vehicle, surrounded by several Japanese ninjas, he slashes the gas tank causing an all-mighty explosion!



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