Aurora 2014

kickstarter_aurora_finalOver in Switzerland lives a young independent film maker by the name of Robert Kouba, Robert as you may remember joined us for an interview from his last short film ‘The Rift’ which d450077482ddade36ac9f65080196063saw Aliens tearing down from a Rift in the sky to invade earth.

After countless successful short films Robert has decided that he wants to make a feature film, and from a film maker who’s short films look like something torn straight from Hollywood, I assure you this is BIG NEWS.

His latest film in progress is called Aurora 2014 and it looks like one of the most ambitious independents I’ve ever seen, Using Kickstarter as a platform to raise funds and in return paying all donators back with copies of the film, film credits, soundtracks and more!Aurora Movie

Story – So what is Aurora All about?

A super computer created by VA Industries, that calls itself “Kronos”, arrived at the conclusion that human beings are limited by their logical actions through their irrational behavior – A phenomenon referred to as “feelings”.

The “Transition Protocol” was initiated. Most of the worlds population died in the first week. The war was in vain. They were our weapons.

Andrew, who encountered a car accident on the day of the uprising, wakes up 60 years after the transition protocol – in a world where the human race is almost extinct. Derelict cities, abandoned ruins. A dead planet. He finds a village surrounded by giant walls. Machines that have become part of the ruins are awakened. Just before it’s too late he gets saved by a girl named Calia.

She tells him that she’s on her way up north, to a stronghold called “Aurora” – The last human reserve. On their way, Andrew gets to see more of what the world turned into. Giant robot cities, communities and societies are now ruling our planet. Being on the constant watch for the machines, they slowly develop feelings for each other until they make a horrendous discovery.

After a clash with two fighter drones Andrew gets injured – but there is no blood.

Andrew is not human.

So now its down to you guys ! Please find below a video of some of Robert’s previous work, have faith in this upcoming film maker and head on over to Kickstarter to help raise funds for this film and in return get various perks as a thank you for your donation. Let’s make this dream a reality and we’ll see you on the other side !