So AUFDRUCK/LABEL (Caps intentional) is a very weird 3 minute black and white German short from Jaschar L Marktanner. The short is of two women sitting in a coffee shop talking about a variety of topics all categorising them as ‘sons of bitches’. A very weird exchange of women moaning for three minutes as I urge myself not to add any borderline sexist / judgemental comment on women I know personally and their full-time hobby known as ‘moaning’.

It’s hard to review a short that portrayed nothing, had no real plot or meaning or needed any acting ability of any sort, so i’m dumbfounded as to what to write from this point on.

In the true spirt of things AUFDRUCK/LABEL was a real son of a bitch to watch and I don’t feel artistic or hipster enough to truly understand what was going on.