Attack The Block (2011) Review

I’m a huge fan of this slick and gritty urban sci-fi item with British flavor and lots of energy courtesy of director Joe Cornish. Released in 2011 and starring John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker, Nick Frost, and many others, Attack the Block is an equal parts funny and nasty alien invasion movie that stays intimate rather than opting for the epic, telling a self-contained story that is fresh and original despite being a part of one of the most traveled genres imaginable. The practical effects and creature design are especially cool (love those mouths!) and cinematographer Tom Townend gave the flick a strong sense of visual style. The filmmakers also valued their R-rating while never going too far over the top.

Review by Nick Clement

Note – Me (Sean Evans) didn’t like this movie and I remember when seeing this movie me and my girlfriend at the time were making our own cinema entertainment with this film on in the background. Good times..

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