ARZombi Turns Your Home Into a Call of Duty Style Zombies Level


ARZombi is an ARKit designed game that turns your home into a live-action zombie apocalypse. The game will map your windows and doors and it’s your job to board them up and protect your home from a zombie invasion using all the tools and weapons at your disposal.

As you fight the horde of the undead they will drop various items to help you on your zombie fighting journey. Not many details have been released as of yet but with the game set to release the second IOS11 hits, it won’t be long until we find out all we need to know.

The trailer has been well received receiving over 30k views in the first two days of it’s upload. There is a huge excitement surrounding ARKit games and the future the software has for all Augmented Reality implementations.

ARZombi allows you to run around your home fighting zombie kind. With a story mode planned and multiplayer planned in future updates. I’m looking forward to playing the game and I’m proud to be a part of it! ARZombi is set for release this fall on IOS only. Android is yet to be confirmed.

In full disclosure, I’m now on board to personally promote ARZombi but the article below is speaking purely from a fan perspective and is in no way a bias / sponsored post of any shape or form. The reason I joined the game is for the exact reason I describe above. The game is just AWESOME.

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