American Sniper DVD Review


American Sniper is based on the life of Chris Kyle (Cooper), a Texas born man with a natural born skill behind a rifle, Chris became a sniper for the US forces in Iraq after seeing the devastation of 9/11 on the TV.

The film follows Chris’s journey through training, the wear and tear romance between him and Taya (Sienna Miller) and his tours of duty leading into an obsession of war and a quest to hunt down an insurgent by the name of The Butcher.

Multiple layers are all intertwined within the narrative with elements that are rarely picked up on in war movies, the movie battles the trials and tribulations of war, the effect and repercussions this has on Chris’s mentality and the strains of war that take toll on his marriage.


The film is beautifully shot and address’s some very serious issues that face many soldiers today, the toll of taking someones life and dealing with it once you’re away from the battlefield.

Clint Eastwood has honed in on the autobiography of Chris Kyle’s life and beautifully reproduced it in this war torn epic, a film that flies by in an instant as your eyes are glued to the screen in fascination.


Cooper gives a deep, straight to the point performance that is nomination worthy. Cooper builds on Kyle’s complex character where no matter how much love he has for his wife and kids, it seems the love of his country prevails all.

Sienna Miller brings the comedic relief that the film so desperately needs but she also acts as a pillar of strength between Kyle and his slow erosion of personality. Someone who stands by Kyle no matter what, even thou knowing deep down in her heart that this is not the man she married.

A wonderful movie so beautifully displayed with one scene involving a fake baby that dragged that whole scene down to ashes. Was it too much to ask to have a real child involved in such an emotionally charged scene as that? Never the less American Sniper is well worth a watch and one of Bradley Cooper’s best performances for quite some time.