Alternative How I Met Your Mother ending



Now a movie site covering a TV show is rather odd but this is a special circumstance. Nine seasons of pure magic were torn to shreds in the final 5 minutes of the finale episode of How I Met Your Mother, a work of art and a TV show that resembled a modern day Friends.

Relatable characters, depth, emotion, laughs, tears and physically seeing a maturity and coming of age story in real time as the show progress’s through the seasons. The final five minutes has been described as the worst TV show ending in history and we are not ones to disagree. The fans are disappointed and have taken immediate action.

One fan in particular has re-edited the ending and has posted it on YouTube for the world to see, the ending the fans wanted to see, the ending that is fitting for a show as amazing as How I Met Your Mother to close upon.

Here it is, the ending the fans deserve to see. If you haven’t seen the final episode of How I Met Your Mother we suggest you do not click play ! Spoilers much !  We do ask that you hit those SHARE buttons below so as many people can enjoy the true ending that the show deserves.

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