Alone Short Horror Film Review

Alone Short Film

Alone is a two minute short that plays out quite smoothly and achieves what it intends to do. A quick two minutes of unsettling, unnerving atmosphere and whilst your body tenses in anticipation waiting for the jump scare the ending lets you donw gently. No heart attack, no screams, no throwing your popcorn everywhere. It’s a smooth let down.

The build up to the jump scare builds up enough tension for it to be more impactful if the jump scare never arrived. You’re now tense, on edge and preparing your body for what’s to come. But it never comes. That in itself is quite the experience.

Directed by Tofiq Rzayev and with a creepy original score by Gergo Elekes. Alone is well worth checking out. Short and snappy. Tense and un-nerving.

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