Allies Review

A World War 2 set action film starring Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey), Chris Reilly (Everest, Game of Thrones), Matt Willis (Eastenders and member of pop supergroup McBusted), Erich Redman (Saving Private Ryan, Captain America: The First Avenger) and World Cup Winning footballer Frank LeBoeuf!  

Allies-Poster-iiA film that has heart and shows the true meaning of friendship and camaraderie, Allies is a British Independent to be proud of.

A superb opening sequence, full of action and explosions leads to a wonderful introduction to the main cast, the opening of the movie grandly showcasing the talents of this group of soldiers who infiltrate behind enemy lines with finesse and deadly precision.

As the group are now in enemy territory the suspense, the banter between the group of friends and their new American comrade really bring together a wonderful atmosphere thats drags you through a whirlwind of emotion. You care about them when they’re in trouble, you’re nervous alongside them when they are in covert hiding from the enemy, you’re laughing with them when they are making jokes. It really is an emotional roller coaster and portrays the brutality and the comraderie of war perfectly.

The immersive experience that Allies gives you is partly down to some of the best film scoring I have ever seen, the soundtrack builds the atmosphere but when the explosions ring and the gun shots sound, if your speakers are up high enough consider yourself there right in the midst of the action with raining bullets flying past your ears and explosions echoing through your house, theater or living room.

Allies still

The film oozes the cinematography of a British classic, the feel, the atmosphere, the lighting, the colour grading all airs with a British class. Its a joy to watch and the acting more than compliments the visuals on screen.

As the film draws to a close it really makes you feel proud to be British and I have a deeper love for this movie as the film aims a joke towards Stoke City football club, icing on the cake for me, Allies is a British treasure !

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