After School Massacre Review


After School Massacre Key ArtAfter being fired from his beloved job, a high school teacher goes on a killing spree,stalking his former female students at their slumber party.

Another teen T&A slasher horror for you on Back to the Movies, only a week after we reviewed the wonderful Jersey Shore Massacre can this indy film brought to you by Brain Damage films live up as a homage to 80’s slashers or fall flat in its attempts.

An incredibly low budget movie is on display here, with questionable acting, camera work and a very low budget indy vibe to it, never the less the film has a certain nostalgia to it and it actually makes the film worth watching in addition to the beautiful girls that are on screen.

I must point out the score to the movie doesn’t match any scene what so ever, a traumatic scene is matched with a weird retro score, basic talking scenes are matched with some background music that you would find in an Nintendo game and it really spoils the film, the score personally needs a complete re-work as it diverts attention away from what is happening in the scenes.

I’ll give credit where credit is due in terms of the sets, it seems as thou they didn’t have very many sets to work with hence why the Dean’s office looks like a broom cupboard and a car park was a wall with ‘Staff Parking’ written on. Its extremely low budget but it is impressive to see how the story has been moulded around the limited surroundings the cast and crew had to work with.

A brief cameo from the lovely Mindy Robinson, a cluster of diabolical acting and cheap kill scenes radiant with the cheese of 80’s slasher in the modern day, but its just missing that X Factor, that snap, that star quality, and unfortunately the film suffers as a result.

A wonderful attempt, hats off to everyone involved, but its just not quite there. Yet.

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