Above the Fold


Above the Fold is a new political thriller torn from the front pages of today’s Britain.

The film follows a journalist, George Foxim (George Ambrose), who poses a threat to a newly created political party. When the head of the party, Hilary Montag (John Mangan), is confronted by George he puts a call out to silence the journalist once and for all.

The film stars local actor George Ambrose alongside Martin Ballantyne (The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II) and John Mangan (Sorry!, Eyes Wide Shut, Stalky and Co.) It is directed by Josh Trett.

This shoe string budget film released a trailer in September and reached over 3,000 views in a matter of days via the Trett Films Facebook page with an extremely positive response.

The film is due to premiere at The Forum in Norwich on 5th January, 2016.