A Whole Lot of Heart.. and Asscheeks. Naked Review

Naked film review

An eerily familiar premise to this Groundhog Day inspired story which brings in the premise of the Netflix comedy Naked. Rob (Marlon Wayans) is about to get married yet he has to keep reliving the same day over and over again until he gets it right. Each and every time his day resets he wakes up naked in a life. His job is to find out how he got there and to make sure his special day goes as smooth as possible with hilarious results.

The movie is a remake of the Swedish movie ‘Naken’ a film that I personally haven’t seen and whilst I’d love to see that film I can’t help but think I’d love the Marlon Wayans version even more. Marlon is killing it at the moment. Haunted House 1 and 2 were hilarious, Fifty Shades of Black was equally hilarious and his TV sitcom show Marlon is a breath of fresh air as I finally have a comedy I can binge watch that is genuinely funny and addictive. Marlon teamed up with director Michael Tiddes once again and after their past collaborations on Haunted House 1 and 2 you know it’s going to be funny, Naked doesn’t disappoint. There’s something about Marlon’s diverse acting skill that never makes him a one trick pony. He can switch from serious to hilarious in a heartbeat and when he goes off on a riff it’s always fun to witness. Naked has heart and whilst it’s nothing new it’s still watchable and enjoyable fun nonetheless.

Naked film review

Marlon isn’t the only big named cast member in Naked. Marlon’s on-screen wife Megan is played by Scary Movie co-star Regina Hall. Megan’s overprotective father Reginald in the movie is 24’s very own Dennis Haysbert.

As Rob replays his day over and over again each day has a progressive method or deliverance of information which Rob must use to find out what exactly happened to him. Whilst he’s battling to actually get through the day without resetting Rob also has to overcome his fear of commitment and lack of seriousness/ability to grow up. Rather than the poor girl landing the rich guy Naked is more about the underachieving guy landing the grounded girl. A refreshing change of pace that’s for sure.

Naked film review

With a few twists and turns along the way, the film becomes an interesting whodunnit as Rob tries to find out just who locked him inside a lift butt naked on his wedding day. It’s what I imagine a cross between an investigation movie and Groundhog day, mixed in with a little Edge of Tomorrow style repetition. Whilst repeating the same day usually gets a little tiresome Marlon manages to hook our interest and makes it fresh and new every single time like watching countless short comedy sketches. Before you know it the credits have rolled and you wish that you could wake up 90 minutes earlier on repeat and watch it all over again!



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