A Visually Stunning Masterpiece. Coco Review.

Coco is Pixar’s finest work in years and easily one of my favorite animations of all time. The story revolves around Miguel Rivera (Anthony Gonzalez)  a 12-year-old boy in Mexico who dreams of being a musician like his idol, the now deceased musical legend Ernesto de la Cruz. Since Miguel’s great-great grandfather abandoned his grandmother the Rivera family has strict rules against anyone being interested in music. Miguel is pressured into going into the shoemaking business, a family tradition, but Miguel wants nothing more than to grab a guitar and chase a passion he truly loves. Upon finding out that he may be related to the great de la Cruz, Miguel sets off on his journey to a local music competition on Dia de Muertos and borrows de la Cruz’s famous guitar from his crypt. Miguel is transported into the Land of the Dead. There, he meets departed members of his family and his job is to search for his great-great grandfather in the afterlife to give him his blessing to get back to the real world.

Coco movie

Coco is a visually stunning masterpiece with vibrant imagery oozing the festivity of Dia de Muertos. When watching Coco, however, I did find the film to be incredibly deep for a kids film, the movie explores life, death and the meaning of family at great lengths and for most children, this kind of stuff will fly over their little innocent heads. But, the film is so packed full of action and visuals that you don’t really need to understand what is going on to enjoy it. The film is packed full of heart and emotion, even bringing a tear to my eye in one particular scene, it’s easily one of my favorite works of Pixar art.

One for all the family, Coco is nothing short of incredible. Grab your nieces, nephews, kids, grandkids, whomever and get yourselves down to the theatres to see Coco, you won’t regret it!


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