A Non-Stop, Kick Ass Film. Justice League Review

justice league review

After years and years it finally happened; the Justice League has been assembled. Zack Snyder, with minute help from Joss Whedon, has birth a new generation of heroes onto the screen bringing a new and original vision that is a fast paced, exhilarating, and a kick ass thrill ride.

The film is lean with a two hour run time, forgoing all the unnecessary (re)character development and filler side arcs with the intent of padding down the length of the film. Justice League isn’t your average, templated superhero ensemble, it’s an organic and imaginative picture that reinvents members of the League who have not received big screen treatment prior.

justice league review

The existing DCEU cast fits simpatico with the new entries. Jason Momoa is wonderfully brutish and tribal warrior esque as the new Aquaman, and Ezra Miller steals absolutely every scene he’s in as the self conscious and insecure pitch perfect embodiment of the Flash.

J.K. Simmons, Joe Morton, and Billy Crudup are among the new ensemble that does not receive any wasted backstory, any humdrum lines of dialogue that try and paint a vapid picture of who these characters are. Who these characters are is conveyed and expanded upon simply by the casting choices. When these actors fill the frame, validity is immediately cast and they are instantly accepted.

The film wastes little time getting to the action, the big bad Steppenwolf, performed in motion capture work by Ciarán Hinds, enters the film fairly early, and from that point forward the team is assembled and the action commences.

justice league review

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the film, is the progression of Bruce Wayne. He’s come a long way from the brooding and blood lusting Batman from BvS, and the ray of hope that Superman instilled in him, has now been awakened and he’s become the hero that the world needs.

Justice League  isn’t perfect, nor does it strive to be. The films ambition isn’t to sell Lego sets, or have television spin offs, it exists and stands on its own. It isn’t striving to meet a certain critical rating, or trying to please a demographic that has already made their mind up about not liking the film. It’s a damn fine film that is a hell of a lot of fun. The best weapon Zack Snyder has in his arsenal is giving the movie going audience a fresh take on old characters that the audience didn’t even know they wanted.

Review by Frank Mengarelli

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